The Early Years…

The idea of Signature began in early 2001 with the entrepreneurial spirit of Jordan Hack, a high school student with big business plans. Like the infancy of many Lawn Care and Landscaping companies, Jordan started out mowing yards for his parents, grandparents, neighbors and anyone else he could sign up. Jordan enjoyed much success even before he was able to obtain a driver’s license. Jordan’s business continued to expand at an incredible rate; soon there were multiple mowers, trucks and employees to keep up with the demand. Only months after turning 18, Jordan decided to take things to the next level and formed a Limited Liability Company.

Up Up and Away…

The green industry was not the only career path that caught Jordan’s eye. In 2003 Jordan obtained his private pilot’s license and a new passion was created. While continuing to expand his business, Jordan also pursued additional flight training, eventually landing a job as a corporate pilot on business jet aircraft. A problem formed with the ever continually expanding Signature and the new time constraints Jordan faced in flying professionally and continuing to keep customers satisfied.

Grow Grow Grow…

It soon became evident to Jordan that Signature was the future. In a leap of faith, he discontinued his career in aviation to focus on the business full time.  With hard work and dedication he knew success was only a short time away. The success was evident, with near 100% increase in gross sales the first year of full time operation.

The Future…

Jordan is never satisfied with the status quo. Signature is emerging as one of the premier Lawn Care and Landscaping companies in the Louisville Metro area. There is continual expansion of services, equipment and manpower.  Jordan always thoroughly enjoys a challenge and typically looks at a situation and says “Sure, I can do that�. Jordan looks at himself as the only limiting factor of the business, and it’s business full speed ahead at Signature Lawn Care.
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